Hope all are having a great day. More to follow

8/20/21 Owners of cats with arthritis have very little options available. You can find more information about this here: www.catoachecklist.com.

10/31/18 Happy Halloween, Here are some things for your pet to be careful on this day. 1, No Chocolate, 2. Decorations. Watch tinsel, this can wreak havoc on the intestines. 3. Xylitol this is a sugar free sweetener. You can find it in candy,baked goods, and some peanut butter. This will cause your dog’s blood sugar to drop, and can cause liver damage. 4.Plants, poinsettias are not toxic, but eating large amounts will upset the stomach, holly and mistletoe are much more toxic. 5. Guests, these may scare your pet. Also if they stay overnight, please make sure that any medications that they have are kept secure. Happy Holidays!

6/7/18 It has been a while.I am still alive. We are considering another rabies clinic, but nothing definite yet. I want to stress the last post. People are still getting counterfeit products. They may get medications from other countries that do not have something like the FDA. While it can be an expensive pain in the posterior,it will keep us healthy. Enjoy your summer, watch for ticks, fleas, also allergies are bad.

10/28/2016 It’s been a while, hope all is OK. Just a quick note for clients that buy pet medication trough the “discount” sites. This may not be the best idea. First, it may be counterfeit.,Secondly, if you obtain a veterinary product through a non vet source, and your pet has a reaction, the manufacturer will not provide any support. One other update, Lyme Disease, over 50,000 new cases this year in the state of Pennsylvania. For your state, go to www.capcvet.org, go to he maps, find your state, and look at the numbers. Happy Halloween to all the little trick or treaters.

1/18/16 Happy new year, Please keep your pet out of the extreme cold this winter. Big storm coming this weekend, be prepared.

5/20/15 Due to a family death, I will be taking a few days off.

3/30/15 Winter may be over. That means the start of fleas, ticks and allergies. If your pet scratches a lot in the summer, also licks their feet, and is worse at night, it may be allergies. Fatty acid supplements can help, but take weeks to work. Allergies that start in early August, start on Cocoa nut oil, 1 teaspoonful for every 10 lbs. of body weight. Start with about 1/3 dose, then increase every week by 1/3 until you are at a full dose, Start this in June.

10/27/14 New product, Bravecto, for fleas and ticks. Give every 12 weeks, talk about convenient. Also 2 female dogs with infected uteri, both HAD to be spayed. It will cost a lot less to spay dogs and cats before they have this problem,

8/18/14 Today we learned how to use our new Therapeutic Laser for Companion Therapeutic lasers. In 1 day, we treated 2 animals with wounds, 1 also had some swelling of a limb. The unit is portable,so I can take it on house calls. This is so exciting!

8/11/14 Today we looked at a new therapeutic laser, boy have they improved. Looking into getting another one. More info to follow.

7/25/14 Hi again, the hot weather is here. Please make sure your outdoor pets are well hydrated and access to shelter or shade. Also, Pets need to be vaccinated. I have seen dogs and cats that were not taken care of, and when they get sick, we are expected to work miracles.